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                IR Home
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                Welcome to CPMC Investor Relations

                Since its listing of the shares of the Company on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 16 November 2009.

                The Board recognizes the importance of maintaining clear, timely and effective communication with shareholders of the Company and investors; and also recognizes the effective communication with investors is the fundamental element to build up the shareholders' confidence and attract more new investors.

                The Company communicates with the shareholders mainly in the following ways:

                • The holding of annual general meeting which provides an opportunity for the shareholders to communicate directly to the Board.
                • The publication of announcements, annual reports, interim reports and/or circulars as required under the Listing Rules and press releases of the Company providing updated information of the Group.
                • Updating the Company's website regularly and disclosure of information on a timely basis via the Company's and Stock Exchange's website.
                • Holding of face to face meetings or teleconferences with analysts and fund managers from time to time.

                There is regular dialogue with institutional shareholders and general presentations are made when financial results are announced. Shareholders and investors are welcome to visit the Company's website and raise enquiries through our Investor Relations Department whose contact details are available on the Company's website.